Push Boundaries

Inside the world of graphic design it is easy to get lost in the crowd, play it safe and just do what everybody else is doing. But why should you want to limit yourself and your creativity to something which has been done repeatedly by others before you? Are you a recycling plant?

Stand Out

Strive to be different, push the known boundaries and strive to stand out! When people speak of you and your work there should be a little excitement attached to it. Even amongst graphic artists you should be able to elicit some sort of reaction other than “Oh, he’s aiight”.

In a time like this where everybody who gets a copy of Photoshop suddenly becomes a graphic designer, ensure that you don’t get lost in that crowd.

My next post will be about how I strive stand out in this cut throat field [yes my own personal experience].

Granted I may not yet be considered the best, but I’m working on getting there one day


World Book and Copyright Day


There are some who may ask….why would a designer care about World Book and Copyright day. My answer is simple. I was a writer long before I started designing, in fact designing could be described as an extension of that art. Design for me is telling a story using images instead of just words. Also, it is intellectual property and I do hold the belief that my artwork classifies as intellectual property. I should check to see the logistics behind that statement but that’s for another day.

As it is I am going to celebrate this day by going to read a book from my favourite author. Robert. Ludlum.

Stop Killing Our Planet!

Just a quick video us here at EMD FX did in honour of Earth Day 2012 to show our interpretation of polluting our planet.

Let us know what you think.