What’s Your Inspiration

In order for one to be a creative person there must be something that triggers the mind to enter into a state of creativity. Something which acts as inspiration and triggers the imagination and sends your creative side into overdrive.

My Inspiration

Personally, there is nothing that I find more inspiring than a quick stroll outside. The colours, the textures, the sounds (of nature) all come together to leave me thinking and wanting to create. As I always say,

“Everything is designed and there is no system more perfectly designed than nature.”

The highly contrasting colours in the land and the sky, the subtle hues of green in the leaves of trees. That bold orange sunset or the navy star filled night, completely clear except for the odd wisp of  white cirrus clouds drifting by the bright, attention grabbing full moon.

Where can you find a more beautifully assembled and inspiring design? Because I certainly can’t think of any. It certainly helps to know that when I open my door in the mornings the image below is what greets me.

What inspires you? What is it that makes you think?


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