Keep Thinking!!!

Below you’ll find an excerpt of an article I wrote a li’l while back on my other blog. I read it this morning and it struck me how true these words were and I decided to share them here.

Keep thinking!

Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is but many people keep their mind occupied with negativity instead of finding time to relax, cut out all distraction and just think. This can actually be the difference between becoming a success and being a repeated failure.

You should always be making room in your mind for new ideas by focusing your thoughts and whenever you have any that really stand out you should save these ideas by putting it in a journal, sending yourself an email, or voicemail or be like those persons you see in the movies and use a recorder. Personally I like to usethe notes in my phone and then transfer them to my USB later.

It is very important that you capture these ideas so you can check up on them later when you need to develop them.


2 thoughts on “Keep Thinking!!!

  1. My greatest ideas come from getting into deep discussions with my business partner/friend. After about 15-20 minutes of discussing new and innovative ideas with him, we sort of get into a certain mindset where the creative juices just take over our minds. This euphoria is something that is hard to explain, but I experience almost everyday.

    Great post!

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