3 Simple Sales Secrets Freelancers Should Learn

 When you stop to really analyze things, us freelancers are in essence sales men and women who work for ourselves. So in order to up our sales, we should internalize some sales rules or secrets right? Here is a short list of 3 sales secrets that should help in your quest to maintain freelance freedom.

With no further ado, here are my 3 simple sales secrets.

Know Your Product.

The first secret is to know your product. However, since the product that most freelancers and designers sell is actually a service, we will have to alter this a bit.

Us designers should know what we’re capable of. Know your abilities and be aware of your limitations. Your confidence level is based on this knowledge. There is nothing quite like a confident designer who can back up their work with wonderful work.

If you are not up to scratch with 3d work, please, do not tell the client that you’re a professional at rigging characters. Quality of work and hours of stress aside, it will also mess up any reputation you may have had before hand and put you across as a talentless hack.

So please know and respect your limits.

Remember that chances are if the client contacted you, they heard about you from a source that they respect and expect that you will not let them down. You make the mistake of going way beyond your capabilities in the name of profit you are not just messing up your reputation but also that of the referrer.


Make a timetable.

Stick to timetable.

Do your best not to constantly miss deadlines. There is nothing quite as annoying to clients as a designer whose word cannot be counted on because you promise one thing and deliver something completely different.

The customers are most interested in the benefits of using you vs using a competitor. So in most cases you are not actually selling your skill to the client, you are in actuality selling the benefits of using your design studio.

One of the practices that my clients usually love is the fact that included with their design(s) is an after sales package. Say for example the client gets the design, loves it and immediately implements it. If down the line for whatever reason something comes up requiring a slight alteration, I’ll do it without charge.

Simple tasks like this don’t require much time, but they will not be easily forgotten by the client. Who knows, whatever benefits you offer the client  might be the selling point for the next person they refer to you.

Develop The Art of Listening

This is more about communication than just listening. When meeting with clients or prospects, listen more than you talk. In facet you should ensure that you are listening more than 60% and talking less than 40%. In doubt about whether you’re talking too much? Stop talking and listen more. Remember what the client says determines what you do and where the project heads.

An important skill for any freelancer or designer is the skill of asking questions. Not onyl does it get you information that you need to properly complete a project without having to do to many re-designs, but the client will appreciate the fact that you’re showing interest.


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