Persuasion is an Art: Master it!

This post was initially one of those ten steps articles. However after typing for some time I decided that I wouldn’t bore you in one post with me rambling on about persuasion. I decided to break this up into mini posts and thus the miniseries “Persuasion is an Art: Master it!” was born. Enough with the introductions, let’s move on to the meat of the matter.

Persuasion is

  • The action or fact of persuading someone or of being persuaded to do or believe something.
  • A means of persuading someone to do or believe something; an argument or inducement.

As a designer, or any kind of freelancer for that matter, this is something that you will need to master. No it is not optional, unless you work in a design studio where you do not have direct access to the clients.

You are always trying to convince potential clients that you are the right fit for their projects. You have to not only be a salesman as previously mentioned here,but you need to be a darn good, persuasive salesman!

Everyone has their little tactics for achieving their goals and getting what they want. However there is no reason for you to have to resort to unsavoury tactics to get your way. According to author Michael Lee “The power of persuasion rests on getting people to do what you want willingly, resulting in a  win-win scenario for everyone involved.’’

Enough about that, today I’ll be focusing on the first of ten steps.

Start The Project – According to one of the authors of ‘Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive’ one of the best ways to convince someone to do something is to begin the task. People are more likely to be persuaded to complete a task if you had already started it. Not saying you should just jump and start the project you are gunning for. Instead, do some research on the company and their competition. When you meet with the client, show that you are knowledgeable of their situation and what the competition is up to. This will show the client that you have a genuine interest in their project and they will naturally lean in your direction when they are handing it out.

While doing the research is a good start, be sure that you have the portfolio to back up this interest. Although there are many companies who don’t seem to care about the quality of the work as long as the price is right, you should still aim to be seen as a person who does quality work. How else will you get those much needed referrals that keep us freelancers going?

NB: I said mini posts and I promise that the rest will be. This one had that pesky thing called an introduction.


12 thoughts on “Persuasion is an Art: Master it!

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