Persuasion is an Art: Master it! (Part 9)

This is the ninth and penultimate part in a ten part series of mini articles about persuasion and the mastering of the art. If you were unfortunate enough to miss the first article, you can find it here.

Be Positive

Please note, I did not say to be undyingly (that’s a word?) optimistic and annoy everyone around you. What I’m talking about is optimism in the face of daunting criticism. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled through to land a project after the client initially expressed great reserve. On second thought this step probably should be titled ‘Be Consistent’, but I digress.

This is one of those principles which should always rest at the back of your mind.

For some strange reason people have a tendency to be compelled to appear consistent with the actions of their past. This means that an individual is more likely to be persuaded to do something or to act in a way that they have already acted prior, especially if they know it has been noticed.

What does this have to do with you? Be positive and creative! Do some research on the company, check out previous projects they have undertaken. If this company tends to drift towards a certain style of work which you can alter to suit your style, then start your presentation along that line. Afterwards you can then take them down the road into your territory.

Start off with something that makes them comfortable,this will ensure that you have their attention and the familiarity will make them much more likely to say yes, and that is your goal right?


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