Persuasion is an Art: Master it! (Part 10)

This is the final part (already? Wow) in a ten part series of mini articles about persuasion and the mastering of the art as it relates to graphic design and other creative types. If you were unfortunate enough to miss the first article, you can find it here.

Have Good Timing

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you say or what you do, as a designer if you don’t have good timing it will all go in vain. So in essence the most important thing is not what you ask for, but when you ask for it.

Did you know that people are most easily persuaded after they have thanked someone? An even better stat is the fact that an individual is most persuasive after being thanked. What does this mean for you? If possible do the prospect a favour. That way, you can drop this line “No problem, it was my pleasure. In fact, I was wondering if you might have some time available to help me out with something also.”

Then you pitch. Bearing everything you have seen over the last couple weeks in mind of course.

It’s so hard to say goodbye

Thanks for accompanying me on this journey, I hope that everyone seeing this learnt something or was inspired in some way. If you were, don’t be shy, please leave a word in the comments section on what was the most inspiring piece for you.

If you have any articles or concepts you’d like to see me tackle, please feel free to leave me a line also in the comments.


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