Take Risks!

If you win, you will be happy, if you lose, you will be wise – Unknown.

The above quote really stuck out to me this morning as it is something that has been drilled into my psyche. Not only does taking (sensible) risks result in satisfaction and success, but it is also exciting to embark on new projects knowing there is a risk of failure.

I have seen so many viable projects get pushed on the back burner or worse, thrown into the bin because of one person getting cold feet and refusing to put their neck on the line. Where is the fun in life if you refuse to step out of your comfort zone? What do you possibly hope to achieve if you always take the safe way out?

Do you think Mark Zuckerberg took the safe way? Or Bill Gates shied away from possible personal loss? Or Andrew Kramer, Stephen Spielberg or Albert Einstein dropped their ideas for fear of ridicule? No! They kept pushing, they took risks…and those risks paid off.

Next time you start a project that has some level of risk attached, try to look at it through objective (or as objective as possible) eyes and analyze the pros and cons. Risks are a necessary part of living a fulfilled life and there is nothing close to the feeling you get when a big risk pays positive dividends. As the quote says “If you win, you will be happy, if you lose, you will be wise”. As I see it, there really is no losing in that situation is there?

In creative industries such as ours there is absolutely no place for cowards and shy persons. You have to constantly be pushing your boundaries, forcing yourself to re-invent who you are, who you strive to be. There are countless designers and artists out there, and the world is much smaller because of the internet and so the competition is even greater now.

If you had a project for your business, your passion and you had to choose between two designers, one traditional unimaginative designer, or one who pushes boundaries, while getting results, which would you choose?

I’ll close the same way I started, by telling you to TAKE RISKS! Just be sure that they aren’t careless risks, but actually risks which could result in gains for you or valuable lessons if they don’t pay off.

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