There is no Failure!

That should be your frame of mind as you tackle each project/job especially here in the design field.You should ensure that your ‘why’ for being in the field is bigger than your fear of failure. I’m not going to sit here and lie and say that failure is impossible (hopefully that’s not what you thought when you saw the topic). You are going to fail, unless of course you are Clark Kent, in which case you can stop reading right here and go watch some emdfx videos. For the humans amongst us let me say this, DO NOT allow failure and disappointment to set you back (too much) and get you down. If you do not fail how will you enjoy success? It is through our many failures that we learn how to be successful.

If your aim is to be a successful designer then you will soon understand why I say you will experience failures. There are going to be projects which you believe were made for you, but because of some technicality they’ll get awarded to another. Amongst my Jamaican clients I realize that the most over utilized excuse is price. The reason for this is that there is an abundance of designers (real and fake [more on the fake at another date]) who are always willing to charge almost nothing in order to get the client. For some clients, quality is apparently not an issue if the price is low enough.

There are others who will like your work but don’t think you style ‘fits’ into their brand image. Since that is a matter of taste there is not much you can do right? Wrong! What you can do is keep working to improve upon your skillset, broaden your skillset. Are you a designer? Dabble a bit in illustrating. Learn to write copy for your print materials. Strive to make yourself a more well-rounded graphic designer. The same goes if you’re an illustrator or motion graphic artist. I find myself having to record voice overs and do some sound engineering for my projects, learning a new skill and making myself even more indispensable to my clients in the process.

There are going to be days when you want to tear your hair out. My advice is that you don’t (hair doesn’t regrow that quickly). Instead find the lesson to be learnt in the disappointment and learn it. This way you don’t have a string of similar disappointments because you fixed the problem the first or third time it happened.

In essence, this rather wordy tome might be shortened to simply say “Keep fighting, your day will come”.


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