4 Simple Tips For Spectacular Visual Designs

Disclaimer:There is no list which can replace actual talent and the ability to create visual design pieces worth looking at.

However, the following are simple ideas which once utilized will result in more aesthetically pleasing designs. This is a follow up to my Simply Effective Design article.

With no further ado, I bring to you 4 simple tips for spectacular visual designs:


I consider this one of the most important concepts as this will be what differentiates clean and sophisticated visual communication from the unsophisticated masses. Each element in your design should have a kind of visual connection to each other.

Think of the best business cards you’ve ever seen. Got that visual in mind yet? Good, now think about the alignment of the text, chances are that regardless of what kind of design it has, the text is either aligned left, or right. You might not think about it usually but this actually helps to clean up the design and lends that air of sophistication to it. Not saying that you cannot centre text occasionally, you just have to know when to do so and usually in business communiqué it’s a no no (if you care about whether you appear professional that is, otherwise…carry one).


Why would you want to be someone else?

Why would you want to be someone else?

Want to offer a bit of interest to your design? Then make your elements slightly different. There is a wide range of options that you can use to create some interesting contrast in your designs.

  • Type Size – Important information should be given larger fonts. Not necessarily a few points bigger, sometimes all you need is half a point and you’d be surprised at the difference it makes visually.
  • Line Thickness – Same asline spacing. You have more to play with here as you have both length and width to use to your advantage.
  • Spacing – Did you know that the empty space which you have on the design is just as important as the design elements? This space influences whether your design will appear cluttered or empty.
  • Colour – As seen in the example above, colour can actually play an integral role in the message being sent. Try playing around with complementary colours. Gradients are also a wonderful option as they are more appealing to the eyes than straight colours….for some strange reason. A dark background with light type makes for easy reading.


If you have items which belong together (contact information for example) group them together. By doing this the eye is tricked into viewing the group en bloc as opposed to analyzing them individually. Mentally you place these items together and the design appears much more organized.


Now, don’t think I’m contradicting my advice on contrast when I tell you that repetition can offer organization to your business communiqué. You just need to know when to use what. If you are doing a presentation using PowerPoint for example, then repetition is advisable. With motion design using one or two colours throughout the design lends visual strength to your videos. For static designs like magazines and journals you can try using bullet points, shape, font size and colour to offer the same organization as well as to unify the design.

I can confidently say that if you utilize two or three of these tips in your next design, chances are you’ll see an improvement in the overall aesthetic.

P.S: I’m always learning, if you think I’ve left out any elements inform me in the comments below and I’ll make a mention of it.


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