In Design, Aesthetic Matters!

Anyone who knows me knows that I obsess over design aesthetics. I am a designer after all so it just makes sense right? Aesthetics is not simply a word which I love to throw around. No! Aesthetics is VERY important in a design piece. When you think of a designer’s style, we usually think of the aesthetic which their work offers. The quality of work which we put out has a lot to do with our knowledge of certain DESIGN PRINCIPLES as well as the aesthetic.

Aesthetics refers to a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty, esp. in art. Since design is art, it goes without saying therefore that this helps in the appreciation of designs.

As it is then, aesthetics is very important as it is that piece of magic that makes your design appealing, not only to your clientele but also to the final target audience. If you can’t do appealing then you will not get many clients. Ideas count for nothing if you can’t put it on paper/screen in a clean and beautiful manner.

Aesthetic also refers to the way in which you present your files to your clients. Ensure that the first time they see the files they think “Wow, this fellow is organized!” Show that your hard work does not stop at only designing the solution, but also putting together the package of files. Just think “clean, organized, efficient.”


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