Complacency In Design

If you are a designer. Better yet, if you are a serious designer who seeks to improve him or herself with every project and every day, then you know that complacency is a massive dragon which you need to slay. It is without a doubt one of the biggest problems which we face as we seek to elevate our styles.

Complacency refers to the state in which one feels so self-satisfied in what you have achieved to date that you lose the drive to improve on what you have done previously.

We should not waste time wondering whether or not our work has a distinct look as much as we should ensure that our work is based in sound design principles  so that it will at least “looks pretty” to the client.

We should do everything in our power to guard against complacency as it can have a devastating effect on one’s career. Designers work in an ever evolving industry with new technology being developed every day. Oh, you mastered the latest creative suite? Psht, Adobe’s got an update that makes your knowledge almost obsolete. If we are not constantly seeking to expand our knowledge and staying up to date on the changes in the design industry, what is going to happen is that we will start to lose favour with our clients because everything we design will look the same. There will be no growth in our work, so we’ll become that boring guy that used to design for X company.

A complacent attitude will eventually lead to a slump and of course ultimate failure.

That said, whatever it was that turned you on to design in the first place, keep it close to your heart. Find a way to keep the PASSION alive and make the flame burn bright. Work on your PERSUASION and knock the pants off your potential clients in your proposals. But above all, do what makes you happy. It really doesn’t make sense to design if you are not content in doing it….right?


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