Colour Theory: Learn it, Use it, Love it

Ok. I have been doing some short posts of late but this one is going to be long. Very, very long. It’s going to be so long I’ll have to break it up into smaller sections. But before I go into the business let me give you a little background information.

I am a designer who is always talking about aesthetics because there is nothing more important for a graphic designer than ensuring that what you are doing looks visually stimulating. Many designers do not take the time to learn the basics before they start to offer services to clients. The minute that these designers get a copy of Photoshop, they create a Facebook page and start promoting their ‘quality’ designs, even though many of these designs do not reside on the same planet with any other quality but  horrible.

This is not a rant but an introduction to a new series of articles which I’ve titled ‘Colour Theory: Learn it, Use it, Love it. The articles were written in response to the rapid rate at which new graphic designers pop up these days with hardly a consideration for the basics. While there are a few websites out there where you can find information on colour theory, I think there should be concise articles focusing on just certain aspects…instead of just tossing everything at beginners all at once. This is ideal for the current online climate because come on, who has time to read ten or fifteen pages of info in one go?

I will be posting one per week on Fridays at midnight (right after your Thursday night ends at 11:59.)

Join me on my journey of enlightenment.


7 thoughts on “Colour Theory: Learn it, Use it, Love it

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