Virtues of Property Management

[Project] Virtues of Property Management

[Type] Promotional Video

[Client] Private

[Notes] We created a quick spot which promotes the virtues of property management versus going it alone.

I am firmly of the belief that when you are launching a new business you should be sure to put some thought into your visual appeal. There is nothing worse than a company which has a great idea that gets neglected because they have a messy brand representation. Don’t make that mistake. Your idea deserves quality representation.


The Process

Here is another piece which I did. This time around it is to highlight ‘The Process’ (emdfx’s animation process) from start to finish.

1. Meeting
2. Conceptualization
3. Design and animation.
4. Final Render

I am going to stop making promises that I can’t keep.

emdfx Animation Ad

Animation I did….just because I can. Sound off in the comments and let me know what you think.


Voice Over: Yours Truly.