Let Us End The Drought!

So…I have been missing in action for quite the while now. I promise you I have not just been ignoring you lovely readers. I have a few valid reasons (not excuses).

New Company, More Work

The last few months have seen me literally swamped with administrative work as I sought to not only recreate my business’ identity, but also to put in place all those things which are required by law to get it started. If anyone here has ever done business with any government I am sure you feel my pain.

Panal Creative

For those of you who happen to be on my Facebook page you will know that I ran a campaign about the social media launch of my new company Panal Creative. While I was running that campaign and working out contracts and all that I was also redesigning the look of the company. I decided to move away from the usual “Blah blah designs” and to find something a little more…creative. What I found was Panal Creative. Panal means honeycomb, so essentially we are the source of sweet corporate designs.


We had some good times…but we must embrace the change

Of course you know that we had to recreate the logo for the company while still maintaining some semblance of familiarity and so we came up with this little gem. Continue reading


The Process

Here is another piece which I did. This time around it is to highlight ‘The Process’ (emdfx’s animation process) from start to finish.

1. Meeting
2. Conceptualization
3. Design and animation.
4. Final Render

I am going to stop making promises that I can’t keep.

Persuasion is an Art: Master it! (Part 7)

This is the seventh part in a ten part series of mini articles about persuasion and the mastering of the art. If you were unfortunate enough to miss the first article, you can find it here.

Use “We”

Ok, I’d really like to know who commissioned this study but there have been studies which show that you if you use the word ‘we’ it is a sort of assurance which persuades individuals to make compromises. Seriously? You had to do a study for that?

Anyone who has been in sales or marketing for more than a week knows that if you are pitching anyone you would use we in order to let them know that you are taking on the project not simply as a contractor, but that you are adopting the project as your own. In essence you are telling them that you belong to the group and support their cause.

Basically, when you utilize this option you are telling your prospect, “Hey, let’s work through this together and see what we can achieve.” Sounds much better than “Here’s what I will do and then you can do this.” Doesn’t it?

Passion of the Designer.

A couple nights ago I had a conversation with my friend Z-Axis [one of Jamaica’s best designers] and of course our conversation turned to graphics and being successful at it. One thing which came up was passion and how important passion is to one’s success.

What is passion? Passion is defined as:

1. any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love orhate.

2. strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor.

Over the years I’ve pursued a variety of endeavours ranging from copy writing for websites to baking cheese cakes. While I was good at these things, inevitably I stopped doing each of them. Reason being, I wasn’t passionate about these projects, I was just doing them because I had to make money to survive, I didn’t particularly like them. Continue reading