Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Well I got off my lazy bum…or got on it depending on how you view things and designed a quick pic for Mother’s Day.

To mothers near and far.

Source of Photo.


World Book and Copyright Day


There are some who may ask….why would a designer care about World Book and Copyright day. My answer is simple. I was a writer long before I started designing, in fact designing could be described as an extension of that art. Design for me is telling a story using images instead of just words. Also, it is intellectual property and I do hold the belief that my artwork classifies as intellectual property. I should check to see the logistics behind that statement but that’s for another day.

As it is I am going to celebrate this day by going to read a book from my favourite author. Robert. Ludlum.

Stop Killing Our Planet!

Just a quick video us here at EMD FX did in honour of Earth Day 2012 to show our interpretation of polluting our planet.

Let us know what you think.