Cinco de Mayo Super Moon!

Ok I love design. But I also love getting a drink every now and then. So for today Cinco de Mayo I had done up an entire blog post to do RE: Cinco de Mayo, Cinco de Mayo designs and the Super Moon that we’ll be seeing tonight. But sadly my post got deleted and I’m way too busy (or lazy, you take ¬†your pick) to do all that typing again.

So I figured that I’d just quickly mention the super moon that we should be having tonight while we’re all out enjoying the festivities of cinco.

Anyways…super moon. Once a year, the moon comes so close to earth as to be between 14-30% bigger than other full moons this year (seriously though, who does these calculations?). Scientifically termed a perigree moon (super moon sounds much cooler), this occurs once a year and it’s a big deal.

The last perigee Moon was on March 19, 2011, when it was about 250 miles closer than Saturday’s (Again, who does these calculations?!).

So all you lunar fanatics out there go outside tonight, turn cameras to the sky and shoot some moon portraits!

If this rain ever stops, I plan to go out and do just that.