Going To Your Dreams

While doing my early morning creativity rounds  on Vimeo (which is a breeding ground for creativity).

Feeling creative yet?

I came across this wonderful music video done by Lam Ho Tak . It’s titled “Soeng” which is a chinese character which means think, dream, believe and wish. Before I go any further check out the video.

Basically the premise behind this video is that because of the chase (or stroll depending on your current situation) for the paper, many of us don’t have the time to think dream or even to rest. So we walk around tired, stressed and listless.

Is the life that you are using now what you dreamed of? What are you doing to create that  life you dreamed of?

Stop! Take a moment to breathe, enjoy a bit of nature.

Whether you decide to act or sit and continue warming your chair, is all on you. Do you think it makes sense to kill yourself as well as your dreams?