How to Create and Promote Explainer Videos | Social Media Examiner

So, during a hunt to see if there have been any relevant industry news that I missed out on in the last couple days I came across this gem from Social Media Examiner, which breaks down the reasons why one’s company needs Explainer videos. Check it out.

How to Create and Promote Explainer Videos | Social Media Examiner.

15 Days of Sweet Designs

[Project] 15 Days of Sweet Designs

A quick spot which was designed for Panal Creative after it was rebranded in order to get it’s name out there. Panal is translated as honeycomb and the team here at Panal Creative take the concept of sweet designs very seriously.

Virtues of Property Management

[Project] Virtues of Property Management

[Type] Promotional Video

[Client] Private

[Notes] We created a quick spot which promotes the virtues of property management versus going it alone.

I am firmly of the belief that when you are launching a new business you should be sure to put some thought into your visual appeal. There is nothing worse than a company which has a great idea that gets neglected because they have a messy brand representation. Don’t make that mistake. Your idea deserves quality representation.

Let Us End The Drought!

So…I have been missing in action for quite the while now. I promise you I have not just been ignoring you lovely readers. I have a few valid reasons (not excuses).

New Company, More Work

The last few months have seen me literally swamped with administrative work as I sought to not only recreate my business’ identity, but also to put in place all those things which are required by law to get it started. If anyone here has ever done business with any government I am sure you feel my pain.

Panal Creative

For those of you who happen to be on my Facebook page you will know that I ran a campaign about the social media launch of my new company Panal Creative. While I was running that campaign and working out contracts and all that I was also redesigning the look of the company. I decided to move away from the usual “Blah blah designs” and to find something a little more…creative. What I found was Panal Creative. Panal means honeycomb, so essentially we are the source of sweet corporate designs.


We had some good times…but we must embrace the change

Of course you know that we had to recreate the logo for the company while still maintaining some semblance of familiarity and so we came up with this little gem. Continue reading

Should Designers Do Free Work?

Should Designers Do Free Work?

As a designer, whatever your level of expertise, you will be asked to do free work. Now, while you may be tempted to say yes depending on the persons who are asking you to do it. This image will help … Continue reading

Colour Theory: Green, Purple & Pink

Colour-Theory_green_purple_pinkThis is the 9th instalment in the series ‘Colour Theory: Learn it, Use it, Love it’. If you missed the previous posts you can find them here –

Colour Theory:  Learn it, Use it, Love it.

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Colour theory can be a complicated thing. This is my attempt to simplify it.


Even though we have left it so long, there is absolutely no reason to believe that Green is not an important coulour. The colour green is actually very important and not just because it’s one of the colours in my favourite colour space (RGB).

Green is the colour which occupies more space in that spectrum of light that is visible to our human eyes than most colours. It goes without saying that it is the colour which we see the most in the natural world, which makes it ideal for for interior design because we see it so often anyway so it will just feel natural.


  • The colour is one which soothes.
  • Green relaxes you mentally as well as physically
  • It helps alleviate depression, nervouseness and anxiety
  • The colour also offers a sense of revival, self control and harmony.

As proof of the wide spectrum which green occupies, it is the colour which is used for night vision goggles because our eyes are most sensitive to it and pick it out easier than other colours.


Purple is that perfect mix between the stimulation of Red and the beautiful calm offered by Blue. It is the colour which is used to represent not only royalty but also mysticism. It is a colour which us creative and eccentric types tend to drift towards and the fact that it was the colour of the first dye made, goes further to prove my point.


  • This colour is one which uplifts
  • It calms the mind and nerves
  • Offers a sense of spirituality
  • It encourages creativity.



No. Pink is not for girls. Well, not just for girls. The bright pink is a colour which is fun, exciting, youthful. The vibrant pinks tend to have the same energy which Red offer (without the jarring of course). This is a colour which is sensual and passionate in a subtle manner. Red’s passion plus white’s purity results in beautiful Pink colours which are ideal for romance as it encourages friendliness and discourages ill-will.


  • Bright pink stimulate energy
  • It can also increase blood pressure and respiration
  • Encourages action and confidence

If you are on a diet, avoid Pink because it makes us crave sugar :/.